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Embracing the challenge. Conquering the impossible.

Mitzie brings decades of experience to assist organizations find solutions to the toughest challenges.

Mitzie brings extensive knowledge to assist fast moving startups to connect with key markets.

Advisor to startups

Providing market ready analysis and technology solutions to organizations and businesses.


Strategic planning and visioning.


Discover Topics That Matter to You

Mitzie as a Consultant

Mitzie has 30+ years of experience. She can quickly assemble a technical team to provide precise solutions. She has the advantage of sitting at the seat of policies and decisions. Her unique knowledge has been gained from working across multiple sectors including private, public, and non-profit. Mitzie is a connector with a network of contacts across many sectors and industries.

"Mitzie Hunter has contributed significantly to the growth, development and prosperity of Ontarians, particularly those most at risk. Her passion and commitment to making a difference has never faded and I look forward to the impact she will continue to make wherever her leadership takes her."


Paulette Senior, President & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Women’s Foundation

"Mitzie is a rare combination of the human-centered intellect, both pragmatic and thoughtful. She addressed our organization and uplifted the entire audience with her combination of real life anecdotes and purposeful leadership lessons. We greatly appreciated her talk and were so glad she was part of our women's retreat."


Leslie Quinton, Past President, International Women's Forum (Canada)

"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Mitzie Hunter from across the aisle at Queen’s Park, to onstage at OREA events and across the table on radio appearances. Mitzie is an engaging speaker, lively debater, and has been a champion for Scarborough throughout her career."

Tim Hudak, OREA, CEO

"Mitzie is a dynamic and engaging speaker who knows how to connect with an audience."

Pamela Jeffery, Founder, The Prosperity Project



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